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No.88 Henglian Road,Haian Town,Nantong Jiangsu,Chian




紡績 23万錘/月
生染生地 1500万m/月
後染生地 500万m/月
プリント生地 250万m/月






アメリカ40% ヨーロッパ40% 東南アジアと日本12% 中国8%


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Jiangsu Lianfa Textile Co., Ltd was founded in 1955. After nearly 60 years of of continuous development, JSLF has grown into a large vertically integrated high-tech enterprise that now covers spinning, yarn dyeing,weaving,finishing, piece dyeing, heat production and garment manufacturing businesses. The company occupies an area of about 700,000 square meters and has more than 6,000 employees. Its annual sales totals more than 5 billion Yuan while corresponding taxes exceeds 300 million Yuan. In April 2010, JSLF made another milestone by successfully enlisting itself in Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Lianfa's headquarters is located in Haian County, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, which is situated along the shore of Yellow Sea in the Yangtze River Delta economic center. It takes two hours from the factory to Shanghai airport by car.

Production introduction Major production

A. Fabric - 100% cotton and cotton blends raw yarn of high Count. -Functional yarn dyed & piece dyed fabrics such as wrinkle free, liquid ammonia, multi-function finish, stain release, anti-uv anti-infrared ray, wicking, moist cure.
-High quality & novelty knits fabric
B. Garment - High-end men's and women's shirt I - Causal pants.

Spinning Factory

- Haian Lianfa Cotton Spinning Co.,Ltd, Akusi Lianfa cotton Co...Itd, Akanusilianfa textile Co., ltd
Lianfa spinning include Haian Lianfa Cotton Spinning Co.,Ltd, Akusi Lianfa Cotton Co.,Ltd, Akanusi Lianfa Textile Co., Ltd which specializes in raw materials like combed ring-spun
yarn, Compact yarn, sirospun yarn and spandex yarn in accordance to Customer's requirement. Lianfa Cotton owns World class advanced equipment, such as production and testing machines from Rieter, Garmen Schlofhorst, Italy Saio, Japan Murata and Uster. Meanwhile, Lianfa spinning owns its cotton field and cotton ginning millinxinjiang which provides high-quality yarn. Lianfa spinning produces 25thousand tons of raw yarn, ranging from cotton, linen, tencel, viscose rayon, and Develvet as well as slub and spandex yarn. Lianfa has passed ISO ISO9000 quality management system, ISO14000 environmental management system, OHSAS18000 occupational health and safety management system, company develops organic cotton, and BCI Cotton too. Spinning yarn ranges from 40s to 160s, and 360s highest. Lianfa also drafted <<the highest yarn 360s standard ->. This product also won "recognition award for yarn-dye fabric spinning yarn", "excellent award for yarn-dye fabric spinning yarn" from national Cotton and textile foundation. Production quality is supervised by on-line tracking detection and excellent management system. All indexes are over 5% of USTER(R)@BLEVEL.

Yarn Dyeing Factory

The dyeing house is equipped: — beam/cone dyeing machine from HK - corghi slack winder from Italy - dispensing system from Italy lawer - tensionless bobbin winder from Italy & Swiss - autobobbin winder from Japan - beinginger warping machine - sizing machine from Toyota & Germany - data colour from US - auto sample machine -monthly output is 2400 tons

Weaving Factory

Weaving factory has monthly output of 12 million meters and is equipped with 13 world class auto-draft machines, 11 lease machines, and 1390 weaving machines including Toyota airjet, Somet rapier, Picanol rapier among others. Such sophisticated machines enable Lianfa to produce various patterns such as plain, twill, satin and dobby; and fabric with different material, like cotton, linen, tencel, wool, nylon, etc.

Finishing Factory

There are five integrated production lines in our finishing factory. It is equipped with the most advanced machines such as German Osthoff singeing machine, Japanese Kyoto mercerizing machine, Monfongs setting machine, German Monforts pre-shrinking machine, Japanese LA equipments, Italian Kloster carbon peach machine, Taiwan Yu Bang Calenders and so on. Finishing processes including liquid ammonia mercerizing, mercerizing, baking before easy care, baking after easy care, moist cure, anti-bacterial, soil release, water proofing, oil repellency, moisture management & quick dry finishing, carbon peach, normal peach, brush are all developed masterfully. Our capacity reaches 12,000,000 meters per month.

Piece Dye Factory

-Nantong Lianfa Printing and Dyeing Co., ltd
The plant was established in 2009 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiangsu Lianfa Textile Co., LTD (stock code 002394), and with a total investment of RMB110 million. It is the governing units of the 4th council of dyeing and printing industry association. The company employs 420 staffs, covers 82,658 square meters which structures total a floor area of 20,400 square meters. It is equipped with Osthoff singeing machine, Monfongs setting machine, kuster, Taiwan Yuchen Automatic feeding system. The capacity of dyeing and bleaching fabric is 60,000,000 meters per year. Our main product includes all kinds of dyeing and bleaching fabrics, including 100% Cotton, CWC, spandex stretched fabric and so on. The scope of yarn count is from 16s to 80s and 60s/2-140s/2. The weight range is from 90 to 280 GSM. Finishing methods include Soft finishing, Silky, Peach, Easy care, Moist Cure, Triple Proof, UV-Cut Finish, Anti-bacterial Finish, Liquid Ammonia, Calender and others,

Knitting Factory

Nantong Lianfa Lead Knitting and Dyeing Co., Ltd established in 2012 is the further business expansion of Jiangsu Lianfa Textile Co., Ltd to upgrade and transform the whole production chain by the joint venture of Lead Textile (HK) Ltd and Hip Hong Ltd inside Lianfa Holding Industrial Park with a total investment of RMB 131.279 million. The company mainly engaged in cotton, T/C sweater yarn dyed and all kinds of other high-grade knitted fabric production, dyeing and finishing. Planned annual production of 6,500 tons of knitted fabrics and 6,500 tons of cone yard. The company has a world-class dyeing and finishing equipment: Germany Thies high temperatures pressurellow liquor ration dyeing machine (namely Eco-bloc and IMaster H2O); Italy Bellini vertical cone yarn machine; Italy Lafer pre-shrink machine; Germany Bruce kner Power-frame stenter; Monforts Fong's Montex Stenter Frame and Italy Lawer automatic-dyestuff-dissolving system. The investment of machines is RMB 60 million.

Quality Control

The company owns a variety of the most advanced testing instruments which ensure quality from the yarn to garment. Instruments include Uster evenness tester, U.S. Atlas-Ci3000 light fastness tester, England Hounsfield-H1 OK-S two arms universal testing machine, Sweden WASCATOR FOM71 CLS shrinkage testing machine. Appearance quality system standards use the U.S. quarter, the intrinsic quality testing using AATCC, ASTM, JIS and ISO standards, the test chamber passed the ITS and part of the customer's certification, and achieved national laboratory accreditation. Product quality can be effectively controlled according to the customer's standards.

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